12 Years a Country Preacher

My Journey Begins

We arrived in Jordan, MT in December of 2005. One of the books I found in the church library was Forty Years a Country Preacher by George B. Gilbert.  The first book I read in my first church.  Reading the stories of a pastor looking back on many years of ministry was good for a new pastor.

So here I am 12 years later, with some of my own stories to tell. My prayer is that this blog is a blessing to pastors and others faithfully serving in places that are overlooked.  Towns and villages without famous names or influence. Men whose names may never be known by a large audience, but whose names are forever welded to the hearts of the people they have loved and served for many years.

In the introduction, Pastor Gilbert’s daughter writes his response to being asked to write a book about his ministry. “Who would have thought I should come to this – I who have been called a fool for burying myself in the country?”

He is no fool who invests in God’s people wherever they may be found.

Thank you for being my pastor. ~ Unnamed Christian

3 thoughts on “12 Years a Country Preacher

  1. I met your wife at the WMU meetings in January. Although my husband nor I are in full time ministry, we are from a small community and have been very active within the church. Your blog was encouraging and I look forward to reading more!!

  2. Our church is making an impact due to the people that come through and then go and evangelize and start new churches. You have such an influence because you are preaching the truth~~God’s word! Thank you!

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