Small church, Small town Resources

Until recently, relatively few resources have been available for ministry in small churches. Most of the resources are directed to bigger settings.  The few things I could find often demonized big churches or made excuses for not trying to be a better pastor. This didn’t sit well with me, because I believe that people in small towns need and deserve good pastors and churches.

I read lots of books. I go to as many conferences as I can. I’m always learning, but I have had to sift through and find the principles. Then I had to figure out how they applied to my setting. It seems like very few writers and speakers understand how what they teach applies to small-town ministry, or if it does.

The following list contains some of the most helpful resources for me.

The Grasshopper Myth: By Karl Vaters  – Small≠Wrong. I’m KJ and I’m a small church Pastor. Karl has no idea who I am, but his ministry to small church pastors has really helped me.

The Caskey Center for Church Excellence – From New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I am a current student at NOBTS, made possible by this center.

Small Church, Excellent Ministry – Great Book from The Caskey Center.

SBC This Week Podcast – Great way to stay connected with the SBC. Getting connected is a big deal.

Small Town Churches Network – The Facebook page has good stuff.


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